Pattern corrections

Pattern Updates

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our patterns, but sometimes corrections are necessary or we discover an easier way of explaining things. 

Despite many proof readings and sample making, errors can get through. If you find a mistake, we would appreciate you contacting us by email so these corrections can be made on our next printing. We are not able to reach everyone that has purchased a pattern, so all correction will be posted here  for your information. Please check back often as we will do our utmost to keep all changes current. Thanks you for Visiting Us!


Jungle Walk background layout








Suggested cutting layout for background fabric for Jungle Walk for a Cause

Cut away 38 x WOF -subcut for Giraffe, Croc,   Hippo and Snake

 Cut away 17″ x WOF -subcut for Leopard, Zebra and Camel

Cut away 17″ x WOF -subcut or Ostrich, Flamingo and Lion

From remainder of fabric cut Turtle and Monkey

You will have some back- ground fabric left over.


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